EcoLoadMaster Software is an instrument for Intact & Damage stability, and longitudinal strength calculation. Software is class approved.The high performance Ship Loading Software can be provided for any type of cargo ships, i.e. Oil / Chemical tankers, Bulk carriers, Cement carriers, General cargo ships.


Our EcoLoadMaster is windows based software, developed to meet the latest IMO requirements for calculations on intact and damage stability conditions. > High productivity & performance > Integrated loading condition browser > Extensible & adaptable interface > User friendly and convenient

Longitudinal Strength

Advanced diagrams and load indicators have been developed in distribution of loads and keep loading conditions well within the permissible strength limits.

Intact Stability calculations

Righting arm calculations for each angle of heel are based on the varying trim mode as for a freely floating ship which changes trim depending on the actual longitudinal equilibrium.

Damage stability calculations

Analysis of damage stability of the ship for loading conditions defined by the user with predefined damage cases in accordance to Res. MEPC.248 (66) in the MARPOL convention, Res. MSC.369 (93) in the IBC/BCH Code and Res. MSC.370 (93) in the IGC Code

Advantages of EcoLoad Master includes:

> Intact Stability Calculations
> Damage Stability Assessment for varying loading conditions with predefined damage cases
> Longitudinal strength calculation
> High accuracy in free surface moment calculation which ensures more accurate calculation
> Delivery/ Easy Installation, Fully loaded with advanced features for tailor made requirements

Simplified – EcoLoadMaster- Ship Loading Instrument


We provide on Board Stability Software for All type of small, medium, and big vessels for Master Assistance in loading with Regular OR specific Operating Parameters.

> Container vessels
> General Cargo Vessels
> Small tankers
> Offshore Support Vessels
> Passenger Vessels
> Offshore Construction barges
> Oil Rigs
> Anchor Handling Tugs
> Ro-Ro Vessels

Vessel Specific Loading Criteria, Towing, Anchor Handling Criteria can be handled at Owners’ and Manager’s Office Also.

Emergency  Response Services


We have a Team of Experienced Chief Engineers Master Marines and Naval Architects with Experience in damage Assessment, Repairing, Towing, Single Voyage Operation etc.

By having sufficient database of Vessel in office, we can provide Real Time Assistance in Intact Stability, Damage Stability, Structural Assessments for any accidents and intended Salvage Operation.

Documentation requirements for Warranty Surveys and Class Surveyor will be provided.

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