GREEN SHIP TECHNOLOGIES provides Detailed Engineering solutions to yards and industries. Our design division provides best design solutions to clients on time. Our engineers have good experience and were involved in various project around the globe.

Ship Design

Our design team is experienced with following marine software’s:

  • Aveva
  • Cadamatic
  • Ship Constructor
  • PDMS

Basic Ship Design

We have capabilities to carry out basic design as detailed below.

  • Hull form design and optimization
  • Technical specifications
  • General arrangement
  • Hydrostatics & stability calculations
  • Main scantling computations
  • Structural design
  • Machinery & Piping system design
  • Electrical design

Detailed design and production drawing

Detail Design & Production Drawings

We have expertise to carry out Detail Design & Production Drawings as per yard specific requirements. Structural Our Structural Detail Design capabilities:

  • 3D Model
  • Surface creation
  • Shell Development
  • Pin Jig information
  • Bending templates
  • Building Strategy
  • Structural production drawings
  • Flat Panels
  • Minor Assemblie
  • Nesting
  • Profile Sketches
  • Part Lists

Out fitting and machinery design

Outfitting & Machinery Design

Our Outfitting & Machinery Detail Design capabilities

  • 3D Model
  • Pipe Arrangement Drawings
  • Vent Arrangement Drawings
  • Pipe & Vent Spools
  • Layout Drawings
  • Installation Drawings
  • 3D view drawings
  • Penetration drawings
  • Part lists
  • Penetration lists
  • Pipe Support drawings
  • Equipment foundation drawings


Our Electrical Detail Design Capabilities:
Our Structural Detail Design capabilities:

  • 3D Model
  • Cable Tray Arrangement drawings
  • Cable Scheduling
  • Penetration drawing

Our main objective is to deliver the best possible design solutions to owners and shipyards on time.

Our design divisions main area of expertise comprises in handling the basic design and generating detail production drawing for shipyard.

We are also experienced in handling conversion works for many offshore vessels and seismic vessels.

Apart from creating ship designs, our design division is also fully prepared to carry out specific naval architectural tasks such as :

  •  FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis)
  • Intact and Damage Stability Calculations
  • Statutory Plans and Manuals etc.

We offer both complex design of vessels as well as individual design stages such as initial, contractual, classification and detailed

Initial and Contractual Design
The documentation in the initial and contractual stage includes drawings and calculations used for describing general characteristics of the vessel; speed, capacity, fuel consumption, etc. The most important documents prepared at this stage include:

  • General arrangement plan
  • Technical specification
  • Tank plan
  • Light ship calculation

preparation of Booklets and Manuals
The documentation includes drawings and calculations used to gain the approval of the Classification Society. Documents prepared at this stage includes:

  • Intact and damage stability booklets
  • Inclining Experiment report
  •  P&A manuals
  •  Longitudinal strength calculation
  •  Sea fastening calculation etc.
    We closely cooperate with major class societies such as DNV, GL, ABS, BV, IRS and others.

Detailed Design
Detailed documentation includes drawings and other documents indispensable for prefabricating and assembling the vessel (lifting documentation of hull, isometric drawings of piping installations, etc.). Usually at the detailed design stage the 3D model of the vessel is prepared.

GREEN SHIP TECHNOLOGIES offshore engineering division provides various supports for oil & gas industry. Our lead engineers are having good experience in oil & gas industry and were involved in various projects around the globe.

Compliance for SPS/ MODU codes

  • Compliance studies and consultation for certification requirements.
  • Modification studies for compliance requirements with commercial and operational optimization.

Self-elevating mobile Offshore drilling units services

  • MODU Stability Analysis
  • Inclining experiment and report
  • Dead Weight Survey
  • Marine Operational Manual
  • Structural Installation and FEM Analysis
  • Heli deck Analysis
  • Piping and Electrical Modification

Mooring and motion analysis

  • Analysis for all types of vessels with all kinds of design parameters
  • Analysis as per applicable codes
  • User friendly reports for operational requirements

Cable lay analysis

  • Analysis for all types of vessels with all kinds of design parameters.
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis.
  • User friendly reports for Operational Requirements.

Pipe lay analysis

  • Pipe Lay Analysis as per project design requirements
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • User friendly reports for Operational Requirements

installation and modification studies

  • Turnkey studies with support of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering capabilities
  • Basic design and Detailed Engineering drawing
  • Optimized designs for Commercial and operational feasibilities

structural stability analysis

  • Structural Analysis of various installations and equipment through FEM Analysis
  • Structural checks for various operational parameters
  • Stability Analysis as per design requirements

Towage transportation and sea fastening studies

  • Detailed analyse for all hinds of marine Transportation as per Codes and Practices of marine warranty requirements
  • Towing plans and sea fasting designs
  • Assistance for Warranty surveys
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